Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Boston Deli

I spotted this deli in Port Richey, Florida, today, August 6, 2008.


Rhea said...


George Townboy said...

Rhea: I thought it might be interesting to post pictures of "stuff" I find in Florida that is related to Boston in some way, since I can't take pictures of Boston at the moment. The last few posts have been following that theme.

Small City Scenes said...

Did you pop in for a cuppa? MB

Dorothée said...

Hi George,
Great shot!I agree, this is quite surprising and somehow "disorientating" (especially for a Bostonian) to discrover this kind of restaurant far away from Boston.
To tell you the truth before i read your text under the picture, I wondered where I was.

Dorothée said...

Thanks also for your comment on my blog. I wrote a comment on your "china gate" post. Great trick and photograph from the 70's. I enjoyed it a lot.
Regarding the French translation for "to be on a wild goose chase", in this context I would say "tourner en bourrique" (lit: "to turn someone into a donkey". In the sense of to drive somebody crazy), or I would also use the expression: "tourner en rond" (lit: to turn in circle).
The Robert and Collins gives the following translation: "faire courir partout pour rien" (to make someone run everywhere for nothing)
And for "it proved to be a wild-goose chase" the French translation is: "cela a tourné en jus de boudin" (it turned into blood pudding). I love this one! We use it quite often in French :-)
Voila I hope to use it on my blog in the near future :-)

Anonymous said...

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