Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rays Down Sox in Game Two

Hey, fellas, it was only Game Two, not the series!

I actually watched the entire game. Well, almost, I did nod out from time to time during the five hour battle. I did watch the entire fifth inning, which was amazing. Over fifty-three minutes, and three solo homers from the Sox. If you watched the game, you know what kind of excitement was generated. Then the long drought ... everlasting for the Sox. What a shame.

Look at the photo above and see what a positive glimmer of hope can do for a team.


Small City Scenes said...

You must be rooting for Boston--hometown boy. MB

Dorothée said...

Hello George,
I am sure you are watching the game tonight.
Indeed this brilliant photo brings lots of joy and energy.
Even though I am not a big fan of this sport, I keep my fingers crossed for tonight. Looks like the Sox are doing great :-)

Tirza said...

Interesting to know.

Maria said...

Uhh, you got me :)

Maria said...

I see from your earlier posts that you have lots of great searfood there!
That is something I envy everybody who lives near the ocean...

Mo said...

Todays and yeasterdays are superb shots. Have you thought about specalising in sports photography?

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